Purple - Blue Gradient


In this episode, Eric and Justin get to sit with special guest Coty Raven Morris and discuss how the virtual classroom may be the new normal, but it should be starkly different in approach. We dive deep into the nuances that can make online learning just as toxic as the classroom if we are unwilling to push in a different direction for the betterment of our kids. Tune, and hopefully, you'll get inspired to keep pushing along in an effective and developing way that benefits all! To listen to more episodes of The Score podcast, CLICK HERE

Dynamite Teacher, “Car Thoughts” Host, and "Being Human Together" creator, Coty Raven Morris takes us to church in this candid and evoking episode. Whether you’re about to walk through an open door or grab a sledgehammer to make your own path, this episode is full of life-giving ideas, thought-provoking situations, and tons of quotable moments to help you live your very best life…in the comma. What do you do when no one is watching? How do your actions impact those eyes on you? When can you rise up to be the beacon of power you know you can be? Now! And this episode will drop hints for how.  To listen to more episodes of the Music(ed) Matters podcast, CLICK HERE