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Interactive eBook

by Coty Raven Morris

F-flat Books LLC 

Purchase on F-flat Books $20.00

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by Coty Raven Morris

arr. Saleel Menon 

BriLee Music Publishing 

Purchase on JWPepper $2.50


Attending a Being Human Together Session? Download the Interactive Worksheet Below!

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Music LITeracy Sightreading Handout 


Keeping it R.E.A.L. Handout 

The Five T Page is the perfect introduction to Score study! Use this document to introduce music elements and vocabulary to novice musicians or give to advanced musicians to begin the research on their own. Watch as your students grow more confident about conversing beyond the piece!

The “Privilege Survival Pack” is a collection of resources to help create a more inclusion space in your community. Fell free to use and share the resources from this continuously evolving folder!

Click here to find activities featured during this session!

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Click here to access the Choir Progress Report!

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Click here to find activities featured during this session!

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